National Veterans’ Employment Awards Finalists

National Veterans’ Employment Awards Finalists

Prime Minister’s National Veterans’ Employment Awards


Ravinn are one of three finalists for the Prime Minister’s National Veterans’ Employment Awards in the Small Business category. 

Founded by a veteran with an 85{39e37070b3f55e0471ddc18c12cea5de2b2fb5248dec69a89d59c3ad014b0f62} veteran workforce, we are proud of our military roots, and the benefits our veterans offer our clients with their unique experiences… (well, most of the experiences, maybe not the ones that involve fancy dress in the officers mess with a generous tipple of port!).

These Awards serve as a platform to honour organisations that actively employ and provide support to veterans, as well as partners of current and former members of the Australian Defence Force. Furthermore, the Awards spotlight the achievements of veterans and partners who excel as employees or entrepreneurs.

We celebrate our whole team encompassing veterans and civilians and all of their unique contributions. As a small sovereign Australian company standing up against industry giants, the calibre of our team is our bedrock. Every member of the team possesses exceptional qualifications and is highly valued both internally and by our clients.

Our clients notice the difference, steadily sending more business our way because, we know what we’re talking about, we’re fun to work with, treat them right, and get results.


Jared Cunningham 
Director, Foil Rider extraordinaire, Dad


Winners to be announced 13th September 2023,